It’s not just software, it’s everything:

  • Document & Case Management
  • Accounts
  • Time Recording
  • Bill Drafting
  • Mobile Access
  • Training and Services all working together to turn your practice into a business.

The nuts & bolts: The integrated parts of a Keyhouse

Keyhouse practice management solutions are hard at work in hundreds of law firms throughout Ireland.

Over the last 30 years we have developed, honed and perfected the modules using input from lawyers and their teams.

Today, all of that experience and advice is available to your firm though a series of modules that work independently or together, and which seamlessly integrate with your other tools – Word, Outlook, Excel, etc – to give you everything you need to be more efficient and profitable.


Here’s what other law firms love about their Keyhouse systems

  • Familiar and easy-to-use interface based on Microsoft Office reducing the fear of change and minimising disruption
  • Seamless integration with Outlook and other Office applications
  • Easy document search and text retrieval gives you instant access to any document
  • Brief Builder saves hours every week
  • Predefined and easily adaptable workflows and templates for the main areas of work make day-to-day tasks quicker and easier
  • Work processes are streamlined with clear visibility and transparency
  • Efficiency, productivity and profits all go up without the need for more staff
  • Risk management and compliance are improved
  • Superb support when you need it with live client feedback on our client portal
  • The business becomes more adaptable and is future-proofed

Keyhouse has developed a range of products and services that together form a model for the perfect, most efficient, most profitable legal practice.

It’s not just services, although they can help address any unique issues and tailor everything to your individual office.

It’s not just software, although our practice management solution is the foundation on which every successful firm can be built.

It’s everything – case management, time recording, mobile access, efficiency programmes and training – all working together to turn your practice into a business.

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