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The Keyhouse Mobile app connects you to your office, wherever you are.

Designed for smartphones, iPads and tablets, this lightweight app keeps you connected to your Keyhouse practice management system, letting you manage and work on your cases while you’re out of the office, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Instant access to all your cases
  • Record time and earn fees while out of the office
  • Review case notes, contacts, time and accounts ledgers, and critical deadlines wherever you are
  • Keep up with tasks, documents, emails and phone calls
  • Recover your lost time
  • Instant access to all your client details and their associated parties
  • Assign Emails to Cases from your phone

Now that’s smart

Smart technology will help you to access all your Keyhouse information and documents, through your phone or tablet. It is not designed to replace the full Keyhouse desktop application, but it will let you access files and account ledgers, assign emails, review documents and record time. Very smart.

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Keyhouse Mobile

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