More Efficient

Keyhouse Document Generation reduces time spent on generating documents by 50% enabling Solicitors to focus on more complex issues guiding and advising clients.


Brief Production - Time Savings

The Keyhouse Brief Builder automates time consuming tasks such as indexing legal documents and save firms a vast amount of time and resources. With a simple Brief Builder wizard guiding you through the steps, a brief is generated that is fully indexed, sectioned, numbered and formatted.


Lean and Efficient

Applying lean techniques, Keyhouse work with law firms improving their business processes for the delivery of legal services, making firms more efficient, freeing up valuable solicitors’ time.


Reduction in overheads

Keyhouse allows your team to better cater to the ever-changing needs of your clients. Helping you to respond to client needs in an effective and efficient manner.


Electronic Bank Reconciliations – Time Savings

Keyhouse integrated Accounts and Case Management System allows for all areas of the firm to save time and greatly reduce the likelihood of human error.


Seamless experience

Keyhouse allows your team to respond to client needs in an effective and efficient manner regardless of location. Partners have an overview of everything that is happening in the firm using Keyhouse.


Saved in admin every day!

Keyhouse helps solicitors save hours of their time every day enabling them to spend more time guiding and helping clients and less time on repetitive, administrative tasks.


Less time wasted on generating briefs

Keyhouse strive to help law firms work better. Our brief builder helps you save time like no other tool, allowing you to spend more time on billable work.

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