Brian Sweeney

Managing Director

Brian who is one of the owners of Keyhouse, has been working with law firms since 1986 and probably knows more about how practices succeed, and fail, than anyone else in the industry.

Stephen Keogh

CEO & IT Director

Stephen is one of the original owners of Keyhouse and a technology enthusiast with a focus on business, which is how he has helped so many lawyers and law firms to increase efficiencies

Martina Winters

Sales & Marketing Manager

For over 12 years Martina has focussed on helping Irish law firms to become efficient, profitable businesses. She is a firm believer in really getting to know each client and how they work.

Aisling Hammond

Account Manager

Aisling joined Keyhouse as an account manager in 2015 after returning from 15 years working in Australia. Based in Sydney, she worked for J.P. Morgan, Macquarie Bank and Westpac on a number of IT projects and in trading floor support.

Gerry Murray

Senior Project Manager

Gerry’s job is to bridge the divide between technology and business by implementing solutions that are a strategic fit for Keyhouse clients. He has over 25 years’ experience in both the technical and business aspects with great project management skills and acumen. Gerry knows that no two clients are the same but there are similarities that benefit all. He also knows that commitment, trust and respect are what drive results, excellence and success.

Sarah Kelly

Solutions Specialist

Sarah has a business background but made the leap to IT with first class honours H.Dip. and joined Keyhouse in 2013. She has spent much of this time as a trainer and this face-to-face experience with clients has given her a valuable understanding of their needs.

Pino Carafa

Senior Software Developer

Pino is a very experienced developer who has worked in Holland, UK and the US where he worked on new software in various industries, including financial, childcare and legal.

Brenda Hartley

Senior Trainer

Brenda is an experienced IT trainer with a background in operations and system operations/ administration in the manufacturing, technology and financial services.

Steve Collier

Senior Engineer

Steven is a senior engineer whose skills and dedication are much valued by, and commented upon, by our clients. For over 12 years he has been the very personification of Keyhouse’s superior service.

Gavin Molony

Software Support Manager

Gavin takes pride ensuring all our customers receive a prompt and effective solution to any issues they raise with the team. With almost 20 years’ experience in Legal, Accounting and I.T. services, Gavin has extensive Customer Service expertise.

Stefan Dutczyn

Account Manager

Stefan has over 25 years' experience in sales and account management, with over 12 years in the UK legal software market. Enabling legal teams to get the best out of systems with an emphasis on improving efficiencies and promoting change management whilst consistently demonstrating a tangible ROI to Partnerships.

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