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Conveyencing, conveyed

The digital conveyancing solution

Transact is a digital conveyancing platform that integrates effortlessly with Keyhouse. That means you will have a single source of data entry using the Keyhouse tools you’re already familiar with, which makes life easier for everyone. Transact saves time and duplication of effort and reduces pain points and delays such as waiting for documents to be signed and constantly chasing for updates.

Lawyers get secure access to files from any device, any time, all delivered through the Keyhouse Transact integration module. There’s no need for any new training as everything works through the easy Keyhouse interface with which your team is already familiar.

Why it makes sense

  • 100% transparency and less time wasting because you can always see all the steps in the process and who is doing what and when
  • Fast, easy, secure file sharing and uploading of documents for your firm
  • Makes conveyancing a superior experience for your clients
  • Removes the e-mail attachment nightmare
  • Significantly reduces administration time on each transaction
  • Gives you access your files anywhere, 24/7, from any device
  • Single source for data entry – case information in Keyhouse is automatically created in Transact
  • Key documents in Transact save automatically to the Keyhouse file
  • Email notifications on key stages to stakeholders

As they say

Transact provides 100% transparency on all steps of the process – for all stakeholders. As one solicitor said recently: “The key benefit to using Transact is that my clients love it. It really is a differentiator for my firm, it makes life so much easier.”

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