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Services make our systems shine

Make the most of it

With Keyhouse you get the legal industry’s most advanced practice management system, but that’s just the beginning. You also get the services that help you make the most of this powerful, flexible business tool.


Learn how to let the system do the work

We will train your team to make the most of the new system and help it to help you to become a smarter, more efficient, more profitable business.

Business Optimisation

Let’s take your firm to the next level

Standardise processes, automate repetitive tasks, improve accuracy, raise consistency and increase profitability so that your practice can be the very best it can be.

Managed Service Days

The most efficient way to get everything working as it should

Book managed service days which put a Keyhouse expert at your side in your office one day a week or a month to help you with training, integration and infrastructure development.

Lean Law Firms

Let’s get you fitter

A Lean law firm is one that has trimmed away the wasteful processes and habits. It’s a business that runs efficiently and is profitable and that’s exactly what you want to be.

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