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Training will help you get more from your state-of-the-art system

We have made the Keyhouse practice management system as easy to use as possible. But to get the very most from it, your team members will need training from our expert instructors.

We’ll show you how to use all of those labour-saving and time-saving features, how to make the most of the innovations we have added and how to work with the systems you already know.

With professional training, your team will be more efficient and greater efficiency means reduced costs.

Expert training is key to unlocking the true value of Keyhouse practice management.

Get it right from
the get-go

It’s tempting to skip on training but you’ve made an investment and you should make the best of it. Training your team will do that.

Don’t be tempted to send just one or two team members on a training course and expect them to train everyone else – it never works out well

What happens is knowledge gets diluted and sometime mis-interpreted or mis-communicated.

One size does
not fit all

And that’s why Keyhouse provides role-based training.

Role-based training provides partners, solicitors and support staff with the specific knowledge and right skills they need to perform their roles in the firm.

We’ll make sure everyone in your team learns the skills that are most relevant to their job, maximising training benefits and return on investment.


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