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Work smarter: Work with the right tools

Everything performs in harmony

Keyhouse products integrate with each other and you can bring your data from your old systems with you, which should be music to your ears

Case Management

The day-to-day, done

Standardise and automate all of those time-consuming daily tasks, such as managing emails, documents and dates. Streamline the generation of complex documents and business processes while reducing waste and duplication and improving accuracy for greater client satisfaction and a healthier bottom line.

Document Management

All of your case files, all together, all of the time

Organise you case files quickly, efficiently and accurately with a new office standard for storing and managing emails and documents, create cases, top and tail letters, diarise tasks and capture incoming documents.

Legal Accounts

It all adds up

Keyhouse Legal Accounts is designed specifically for solicitors and while it’s straightforward and easy to understand, it complies fully with the solicitors’ accounts rules. Don’t worry, you can bring over all your historical data to your new system for full and continued access to all your information.

Time Recording

We’re on record

Make sure all of your teams’ time is captured in full and that all bills going to clients can be substantiated with accurate time recording using the industry standard solution.

Digital Dictation

Let us speak plainly

Advanced dictation software lets you dictate straight into your case files for your secretary to check, speeding up the entire process and helping you to work whenever and wherever you like.

Keyhouse Mobile

Work away

This app gives you secure and reliable access to all of your Keyhouse files and information through your phone or tablet. That means you can open and read files, assign emails, review documents and record your time wherever you are in the world.

Cloud Solution

No longer up in the air

Cloud technology is here to stay and, for law firms, Keyhouse is leading the way using our advanced and secure Keyhouse 365 cloud solution in a familiar-looking Microsoft Windows environment. From now on you can work exactly as you would in the office, on everything, from any laptop or PC anywhere in the world.

Keyhouse Integrates

Bigger thinking brings bigger results

Keyhouse integrates with two of the world’s leading business document management systems: iManage is a state-of-the-art system used by major legal and accountancy organisations globally.

ShareFile makes secure file sharing and access easy and is used by millions of users worldwide.

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