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It’s time to share ShareFile

Another layer of security for peace of mind

Your Keyhouse system can integrate seamlessly with industry-leading security solution, Citrix ShareFile. That means you can use all the Keyhouse tools you know to manage, share and collaborate with your key associates in a secure digital environment. Citrix ShareFile helps lawyers gain secure access to files from any device, at any time, through the Keyhouse document management application.

Your whole team can share documents with colleagues, clients, barristers and solicitors straight from their Keyhouse system. They won’t need any extra training as everyone will be used to the Keyhouse interface already.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Share documents seamlessly using Keyhouse
    connector to Share file
  • Fast, easy, secure file sharing for your firm
  • Share files with client’s, Barristers, solicitors and other associates without sacrificing security and convenience
  • Remove the e-mail attachment nightmare
  • Control your data with tracking features and control exactly who is viewing your files and when
  • Access your shared data anywhere from any device
  • Request documents from external parties and have them save automatically to the Keyhouse file
  • Email Notification on document access


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