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Time Recording

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Staying on top of your billable hours is one of the most important day-to-day task in any firm, but it’s something nobody likes to do.

Keyhouse has found that solicitors everywhere are losing money by not taking time management seriously and significantly underbilling in many cases. That’s why our team has simplified the time recording process to make it quick and easy for all fee earners to keep track of their time and to bill correctly.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Time can be recorded automatically against a case while you work or it can be entered manually using a time slip after a task has been completed
  • Automatic timer records time as it passes, stops if interrupted and follows you around the case management system as you work on different files
  • Uses standard narratives to describe tasks, making it quick and easy to set up and record. You can also enter your own work description if required
  • Allows for different pre-set charge-out rates per task
  • Records chargeable and non-chargeable time
  • Allows for time to be recorded on a fixed charge basis while still recording the amount of time worked on a matter
  • Readily-available, full management reports showing time ledgers per matter and fee earner, work in progress, profitability reports, supervisor reports (including missing time sheets) and much more
  • A key performance indicator (KPI) module that provides actionable information around time and billing
  • Record time while out of the office with the Keyhouse Mobile App
  • Fully integrated with Keyhouse SAM Accounts, Keyhouse Desktop and Case Management

As accurate as time itself

Keyhouse Time Recording makes it easy for all fee earners to record their billable time every day and this, in turn, makes sure that your firm realises its full income potential. What was a mundane task can become automated and effortless while improving accuracy and providing management visibility and reports.

Time Recording

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