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A strategic, project-based approach to optimising your firm’s operational capacity

The on-site Keyhouse team will help you to make the most of your Keyhouse system. We’ll work with you to help standardise and automate the management of your firm’s processes, improve the accuracy of your output for increased profitability and help raise the consistency of your client services.

Our productivity tools will help you to bill more hours and improve performances across your team.

We’ll help you to build the processes, workflows and precedents you need to run your practice.

We’ll also improve risk management by reducing duplication and increasing accuracy.

Eliminate those repetitive, time-consuming tasks

When you invest in Keyhouse, you get an extremely advanced practice management system built on the combined experience of dozens of Ireland’s top legal firms.

This is a business model, a system and a series of workflows that make your practice more efficient, competitive and profitable.

Workflows automate those repetitive, time consuming tasks that every law firm seems to face, as well as those that are unique to your practice.

Workflows that work

Many firms choose to build their own workflows using their own precedent documents. Others prefer to save time by using our standard suite of workflows and precedents for residential conveyancing, plaintiff litigation, debt recovery, probate and power of attorney.

These are workflows that we developed side-by-side with a number of our client firms and, with a little tailoring, can be adapted to your firm’s exact requirements and way of working.

Think how much time, and money, you could save by using the tools at your disposal to do all of that heavy, repetitive administrative work that take so much of your team’s attention.

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