3 Ways to Reduce Email Clutter 

3 Ways to Reduce Email Clutter 

In a world where email is paramount, we find our inboxes are suffering from massive amounts of email clutter. In 2021, Statista estimated that more than 306 billion emails were sent and received each day. As somebody working in the legal sector you probably feel like your inbox accounts for more of this than people realise. Email clutter comes from lots of places; subscriptions, colleagues and clients to name a few. These are our top 3 tips to reduce email clutter and make your inbox more manageable. 

  1. Firm Wide Email Policy 
  1. Holding Emails 
  1. Task Manager 

Firm Wide Email Policy 

Don’t allow email sprawl to happen. You know what we’re talking about. Email sprawl is when you find yourself cc’d into an email thread that you do not need to be a part of. The best way to tackle this is with a simple email policy firm-wide. Often people are cc’d unnecessarily because your client or peers are trying to be polite, not realising they are “spamming” your inbox. When it comes to internal communications ask yourself is this something I would just say to a colleague at their desk, if yes, then pop them a message on something like Microsoft Teams rather than sending an email. 

Holding Emails 

Sometimes we simply do not have the time to respond to a request. However, not responding often means the first email is followed by subsequent emails. A holding email will keep the lines of communication open and prevent a continuous stream of the same email into your inbox. Plus, it helps manage the expectations of the person emailing you as they don’t feel forgotten about. Applications like Keyhouse can help automate the process and save you time with email templates that can be triggered from the system. 

Task Manager 

In Keyhouse we appreciate how incredibly busy solicitors and their support teams are, that’s why we created a Task Manager in our Case management system. The task manager helps remove the email clutter and allows you to see your tasks clearly from your system. Often a reminder email to do something can be replaced with a task being placed in your task list on Keyhouse. This allows you to keep your emails clear for all-important client interactions. 

We know these 3 simple tips will reduce some of the daily email clutter. Give them a try and get one step closer to: 

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