What was once the future is now the present

Traditionally, a solicitor would send or assign a dictation to a member of their support team for typing. Now with COVID-19 continuously forcing us to change the way we work, many solicitors have found themselves in a position where they no longer have their usual support structures while working from home. Many solicitors have even found themselves in a scenario where they are without their support team until such time that restrictions are lifted. This has increased the time they are spending on routine document creation and administration tasks.

If only my thoughts could type themselves! Well they can… kind of…

Dragon Anywhere is a speech to text voice recognition App that you download onto your mobile, tablet, or PC. It too is compatible with both Android and Apple products, and also works on Microsoft Windows laptops. This App adapts to how you speak, so the more you use it, the better it will become. Some of the team have started using Dragon Anywhere to see how it could make our clients workday more efficient and find it very effective when used in conjunction with the Keymobile App. They can prepare documents on the go, or from home, and assign them straight to the case management system. This allows you to free up your time to focus on important client work. Here’s a short video on how Dragon Anywhere works in conjunction with the Keyhouse mobile App.

We know you spent a lot of money buying your dictation devices. We are not saying to get rid of them, however, while in lockdown Apps like Dragon Anywhere could make the way you work from home more efficient, allowing you to claim back some of your valuable hours. While many of us are working from home, without access to our usual dictation devices and support structures, technology should be used to enhance the way we work – not hinder it!

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