Case files, sorted.

Keyhouse Document Management is the basic tool that every practice needs, to get to grips with the challenges of managing your case files. 

The system will help to organise your cases quickly, effectively and effortlessly for your staff. It introduces an office standard for storing and managing emails and documents, allowing users to create cases, automatically generate “top and tail” letters, diarise tasks and capture incoming documents.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy access to case diaries, detailing the history and outstanding tasks for each case on one screen
  • Automatic document organisation saving time spent searching for documents
  • Full integration with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook
  • Any incoming or outgoing document can be connected to a case, ensuring all documents associated with a case are instantly accessible from the case diary
  • Quickly review case documents with the built-in previewer
  • Task schedule and to-do list features for each fee earner, providing failsafe reminders of critical tasks and dates
  • A phone log that tracks all incoming calls automatically, notifying the fee earner and linking each call to the relevant case
  • Risk management features to handle undertakings, statute of limitations dates, critical dates, money laundering, conflict search, file and peer reviews
  • Extensive search facilities enabling you to search for any part of a client name, address or matter description
  • A familiar and easy-to-use interface based on Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrates with Keyhouse Accounts, giving you instant access to matter ledgers and the facility to electronically requisition cheques
  • Fully integrates with Keyhouse Digital Dictation

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