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Last year at a course Innovation for Growth which the Senior Management Team here in Keyhouse are doing, the subject of cultural alignment came up in a module. As strange as it may seem, when pursuing a cultural alignment strategy, businesses only bring clients on board who are culturally aligned in terms of goals and practice. You might be wondering what this has to do with Keyhouse and Practice Management Systems. Well…as it happens, a lot. 

Law firms and solicitors often select case management software, like Keyhouse, in terms of lists of functions and the perceived fit between requirements and features. This is a good strategy as far as it goes but experience shows that in fact that a key factor in a law firm gaining the desired profitability and productivity advantages is the cultural fit between the software provider and the law firm. 

Here at Keyhouse, we have noticed over the last 20 or so years, that this certainly plays a big part! If we don’t work together well, then the full potential of the software or business relationship never gets realised. Therefore, we place such importance on having an initial discovery session or exploratory call with a potential client before entering our sales process. To book your discovery session today call us on +353 1 290 2222 or contact us here. 

The Law Society of Ireland have a section on their website which provides practical advice in relation to choosing or acquiring a case management system. They refer to costs, keeping in mind the contract, implementation timelines and data security, which are all essential elements when choosing a software provider. However, we think there might be space here to include cultural fit.  

What makes Keyhouse different is that we work as a practice partner not just a software provider. We love nothing more than to see clients come onboard and exhaust our products so that their firm can perform on a whole new level. 

According to Campbell et al. B2B relationships are characterized by strategic partnerships between firms and the suppliers of goods and services integral to their offerings. Failure to choose the right partner could jeopardize the survival of both partners. If we simply provided software, sold it to you as a product and then exited the equation then cultural fit would not matter. 

The difference is, at Keyhouse we continuously help our clients save time by helping them to work more efficiently through our software, services, and people. We listen to their suggestions to make our products better. Our trainers work with clients in their offices (when appropriate) and online to help them to learn how to use the system and realise its full potential. If you need technical support, the phones are answered by an experienced team, and there is always a senior person be it an account manager, or director available to speak to if you ever need to run something by them like a potential acquisition or merge for example and how to manage systems going forward. 

We know the closer our alignment in terms of cultural fit, the more likely your firm will feel comfortable reaping the benefits of its case management system and feeding back to us on what works best for them. 

Reference; Campbell, C., Papania, L., Parent, M. and Cyr, D., 2010. An exploratory study into brand alignment in B2B relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 39(5), pp.712-720. 

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