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Keyhouse Online Community is live!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Keyhouse Solicitors Community on LinkedIn. This group has been set up with the intention of providing an informative active online community for Partners and Solicitors who use Keyhouse technology and services. To bring together solicitors in both private practice and in-house legal departments. This group is designed to help them, through innovation and thought leadership in technology and business best practices, to achieve greater efficiency in their working lives.  

Why all this fuss?

Back in 2014 Keyhouse embarked on a Leadership for Growth course (L4G) with Enterprise Ireland which helped position us to offer better solutions to our customers. Following on from this, in 2020, we engaged in the Innovation for Growth course (I4G) where we would place a greater emphasis on innovation in order to better serve our clients.

One of the many innovations and ideas that came from this was a place for our community of clients to share ideas and engage in conversations that would help them to achieve greater efficiencies in their working lives. Engaging in these conversations will allow us to bring together the endless potential of the legal minds who shape the profession and help us to better serve them through our software, services and people.  

What can you expect from our community?  

➡️Regular relevant posts on technology, business and innovation.  
➡️A place to ask questions and gain insights from your peers in the legal sector.
➡️Open discussions with your peers. 

Click here to join us, and your peers, in conversation on topics such as business development, innovation, technology and more. We want this community to serve as a thought leadership platform where we can discuss ways of pushing the legal sector to the forefront of innovation. As we grow the community so too will the topics of conversation. Additionally, if you notice some of your peers are missing feel free to invite them.

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