Dictation just got more efficient

Dictation for many solicitors is an important and necessary part of working life.

Dictation allows solicitors to save time drafting simple documents, reduce lengthy meetings into useable transcripts, or simply to organise their thoughts through the course of a busy workday. All done using a handheld device that’s connected to your computer.

But what if you could have dictation on the go? Or You could have dictation at home?

You would no longer be forced to do dictations while sat at your computer, or even in the office. You could dictate as you are running into court or waiting to go into a client meeting. You can even dictate from home. Allowing you to use your valuable time more efficiently and effectively.

We know you probably spent hundreds of euros buying your dictation devices. We are not saying to get rid of them, however, you could enhance what you already have, making dictation more accessible and efficient. This is especially helpful while many of us are working from home, without access to our usual dictation devices.

Below we discuss Dictate + Connect (Dictamus).

Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) is a voice recording App that you download onto your mobile or tablet. It’s compatible with both Android and Apple products. This App has the same stop, start, rewind buttons you are used to. It’s easy and intuitive to use. No tapes, cables or computers required. Simply send your dictation straight to your support staff, or if you’re using the Keyhouse App you can share it straight to a case! Here’s a short video on how Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) works in conjunction with the Keyhouse App.

If you would like to learn more about the Keyhouse mobile App, contact us on +353 1 290 2222 or contact us here.

We know our clients are however a big fan of their Dictaphones and worry about the potential downsides of mobile Apps. The main fears that have come back from our clients are;

  • Cost
    This App is relatively cheap – think of how many hours you spend on dictation and your support staff spend writing up these dictations. They also allow you to work on the go or from home, meaning you get more from the limited time you have.
  • Phone battery is running low
    Let’s address the battery concern. One of our clients simply bought a spare phone to do dictations from. Most people will have a phone charger handy in the office/at home so they can plug in the phone when they are running low on juice.

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