Coronavirus & The Cloud

Is your business prepared for when disaster strikes?

With thirteen confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland, and the likes of Google and Twitter asking employees to work from home, it has sparked many an office conversation around remote working.

In 2017 we had storm Ophelia, 2018 the Beast from the East arrived, and in 2020 we see the Coronavirus causing havoc for people and businesses alike. It’s inevitable that such events will have an impact on business and the economy, be it national or international.

But business must go on, especially in the face of what the media is branding the European “Coronavirus Recession”. The OECD has warned that the virus outbreak could more than halve global economic growth for 2020. Laurence Boone, OECD Chief Economist has said “the virus risks giving a further blow to a global economy that was already weakened by trade and political tensions”.

How can businesses continue to operate when these events strike? Especially when every hour is so valuable and that there is simply not enough time in the working day to get everything done. Thanks to cloud technology companies like Google and Twitter can have their employees work from anywhere once there is a good internet connection – now Keyhouse clients can too – once they have the appropriate IT Infrastructure. How will you know if your firm is suitable for the cloud? Call us for a chat and we can talk you through what you need in order to go to the cloud.

Last October, we launched our cloud platform for clients enabling access to the Keyhouse System from anywhere, at any time. Cloud technology gives peace of mind ensuring the accessibility, safety and security of your Keyhouse Practice Management System going into the future. Not only does it help you be better prepared for when a crisis strikes, it also promotes agile working allowing your team to work from anywhere at anytime.

Naturally, migrating to the cloud takes time in terms of planning and testing, and most importantly good broadband, so in the light of unforeseen events such as COVID-19 outbreaks, maybe it’s time you started preparing.

Aside from the above, your move to the cloud with Keyhouse may just be a natural progression in terms of your server nearing its end of life. Most servers have a life span of between 5 and 7 years, so if you invested in a new server 2015/2016, you need to be planning now. Of late, it’s our experience that very few firms are investing in new servers, opting instead to invest in the Keyhouse Cloud solution bringing all the benefits that come with it – accessibility, mobility and important disaster recovery in the event of a crisis.

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