Accessing Keyhouse from Your Home

Following recent developments surrounding COVID-19 which is challenging the way you and your peers work. Clients have asked how we can assist them in minimising the impact on their firms.

As your practice partners, we wanted to inform you of the options that are available to you at this time.

⦁ Keyhouse Mobile App – This will allow you access all your Keyhouse information and documents, either through your phone or tablet. It is not designed to replace the full Keyhouse desktop application, however, it will facilitate accessing files and account ledgers, assigning emails, reviewing documents and recording time.
⦁ “LogMeIn” – Use Keyhouse as you would in the office. With this product, we can install on your home device Laptop/PC remote access to your office PC, which will, in turn, allow you access your Keyhouse office system.

⦁ Keyhouse Cloud Solution – Migrate your current Keyhouse system to the cloud (Microsoft Azure).

All of these options are dependent on having good broadband access, an up to date IT Infrastructure (PC/Laptops/Server) and a version of Keyhouse that is or later.

Please consider these options carefully. If you need more information you can contact Brian Sweeney or Martina Winters, or alternatively, you can email us on or call +353 1 290 2222.
We only have limited capacity to facilitate these changes and are doing our best to accommodate clients at this challenging time.

As for the Keyhouse Team we have adhered to recommendations and are working remotely. Other than our location it’s still business as usual – and we will continue to work with you as normal. Obviously, these are challenging times, but together we will come out the other side.

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