StephenKeoghThe number one reason firms fail to attract further business from their clients is the drop off in contact after a case is closed. Consequently, firms should be sure to follow up with clients to gather essential feedback — any contact potentially shores up work.

But a lot of firms complain that they have “nothing to talk about” when re-engaging with clients, or that they have no system in place to pursue follow-up interactions efficiently. Stephen suggested that by simply informing former customers of your recent successes, via newsletters or email, you’ll help keep your firm on your clients’ radar.

For firms who say they have no system in place Stephen pointed out that the Keyhouse Practice Management system is a ready made data base from which client contact details can be easily extracted for follow up campaigns. To highlight this, he demonstrated how quickly client email addresses could be extracted from the system.

However, quality of data is key. Keeping your database up to date is crucial. A streamlined, accurate database is particularly needed to get access to your data on the go, via mobile or tablet devices. Keyhouse software provides for these needs. New technologies mean that staying in touch is easier now than it’s ever been. Practices looking to drive growth need to make more from their existing clients and they need the right tools to get it done.

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