Conveyancing will never be the same again.

Digital Conveyancing with Transact

Transact is a digital conveyancing platform that makes the entire conveyance more transparent, faster, easier, and better quality through one cloud solution. It was conceived by John Fahy and powered by Keyhouse. Designed for the consumer to help them manage and track their property sale or purchase. Transact allows them to track key steps in the transaction of the property eliminating potential delays and closing sales faster.

From the solicitor’s point of view, it offers an improved client experience, greater transparency of the work required to complete the transaction and ultimately faster turnaround of the case.

Documents can be uploaded, exchanged and signed using the system, and Estate Agents, vendors, purchasers and other solicitors all have access to the system and get real-time updates. There’s less “chasing” involved making the solicitors life much easier.

Transact brought together all the leading Stakeholders (Keyhouse, leading banking institutions, and estate agents) to help design the process – the core of the product is focused on seeing the process through a buyer or sellers eyes.

Check out the Transact website

To learn more about how Transact can transform your conveyancing process contact us here or email

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