Accessing Keyhouse… from anywhere

Keyhouse 365 and Mobile App solutions are dependent on having good broadband access, an up to date IT Infrastructure (PC/Laptops/Server) and a version of Keyhouse that is or later. To learn more about the below please feel free to email us on or
call +353 1 290 2222.

1. Cloud Solution

Keyhouse 365 is the next generation of Keyhouse Practice & Case Management software for law firms, delivered on the most robust and secure Microsoft based Cloud platform available today. Having only launched early 2020, a number of Keyhouse clients have already migrated to the cloud.

Created for the lawyer who wants to work in a smart and secure environment that is accessible from just about anywhere, Keyhouse 365 provides an ideal mix of traditional practice meets innovative technology – all operated within a secure, personalised and familiar Microsoft Windows environment. For existing Keyhouse clients, this familiarity is a huge advantage as there is no need for retraining, meaning disruption to the business is minimal when migrating to the cloud.

Keyhouse 365 is hosted on a Microsoft Azure platform and operates securely from a dedicated Microsoft data centre, meeting all GDPR requirements: your data could not be secured in a better place.

Provided at a fixed monthly cost, there is no need to worry about capital expenditure on upgrading, replacing or maintaining expensive servers. With built-in business continuity planning and disaster recovery, your firm’s information will be safe & secure.

Why not start your journey now, call us for a chat on +353 1 290 2222


2. Keyhouse Mobile App

This will allow you to access all your Keyhouse information and documents, either through your phone or tablet. It is not designed to replace the full Keyhouse desktop application, however, it will facilitate accessing files and account ledgers, assigning emails, reviewing documents and recording time. Click here to learn more about the Keyhouse Mobile App.

  • Instant access to all your cases
  • Record time and earn fees while out of the office
  • Recover your lost time
  • Assign Emails to Cases from your phone
  • Keep up with tasks, documents, emails and phone calls
  • Review case notes, contacts, ledgers and critical deadlines wherever you are
  • Instant access to all your client details and their associated parties

To learn more about the Keyhouse Mobile App call us on +353 1 290 2222 or email


Keymobile App on iPhone

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