Let’s use technology to protect our firms now and for the future!

Here at Keyhouse we understand that you may currently be faced with changing priorities and an entirely new way of working. During these difficult and testing times we want you to know that our number one goal to help law firms to work better has not changed.

Keyhouse is a Specialist Service Provider for the Enterprise Ireland , and is listed on their Specialist Service Providers Directory.

Lean for Micro Programme worth up €5,000 is designed to help build resilience within small firms by applying Lean business principles to increase competitiveness. Read more about the Lean for Micro Programme below, or call us on +353 1 290 2222 to learn more.

What is Lean?

Putting it very simply, it is a business process improvement drive applying lean methodology to save time and money by working more efficiently, building the capability of a firms’ people and increasing its competitiveness. “Lean is about being effective and efficient – doing things quicker, better, cheaper. It strives to stamp out waste and to continually improve”.

The LEO Lean for Micro business programme helps to:
> Identify issues and potential improvement areas
> Provide support to implement
> Achieve savings and improvements in capability and capacity to deliver

Under this programme, we will work with your firm to introduce lean principles, undertake a specific cost savings project and assist the company in benchmarking its performance. Applying lean techniques, Keyhouse work with law firms examining their business processes for the delivery of legal services, current technologies, seeing, and understanding how work is carried out and what is affecting the outcome.

A point to note: The application needs more work than that of the Business Continuity Voucher (below) and also requires you give business turnover figures.  It also necessitates the provider to complete a number of reporting templates for the duration of the assignment. Participation eligibility is determined by LEOs and depending on the firms existing capability in using Lean business principles, the current size, and their business development needs.

Business Continuity Voucher worth up to €2,500 which can be used where appropriate to help you to protect your business. The goal is to help you make informed decisions about what immediate measures and actions should be taken to protect your business and staff. Read more about the Business Continuity Voucher here, or call us on +353 1 290 2222 to learn more.

This support could include but is not limited to:

> Migrating your Keyhouse Practice Management System to the Cloud
> Upskilling your team in Keyhouse Case Management to improve operational effectiveness
> Implementing workflows with automatic document generation to reduce cost and improve efficiencies
> Business process improvement advisory services
> Applying Lean business principles to increase performance and competitiveness
> Introducing Keyhouse Practice Management to your firm

To apply for these supports you will need to go through your Local Enterprise Office (LEO). Find your nearest LEO here. They have multiple supports available to help your business respond to COVID-19.

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